Lonnie D. Crockett, Ph.D.

The oldest of six children, Lonnie was raised in Alaska where he spent the first 30 years of life with the rest of his siblings. His wife, Pamela, and he are proud parents of 10 children. They have 28 grandchildren.

Lonnie attended East Anchorage High, graduating in 1965. He attended two years at Brigham Young University, and then served a mission for his church in Switzerland. He and his wife moved to Utah in 1978 to further Lonnie's education and ended up staying. Lonnie has earned Bachelor's degrees in Accounting, Business Administration and American History. In 1984, Lonnie attended law school, earning a Masters (LLM) in Taxation in 1989 and completing his Ph.D., with honors, in Tox Law in 1999, both from Washington School of Law.

Other than a short, three-year stint with a reputable CPA firm, and in recent years, another two years with a Law Firm in Salt Lake City and another three years with a CPA firm in Kaysville, Lonnie has been self-employed for most of his adult life, owning and operating a successful accounting/tax and estate planning, asset protection, and business consulting firm for over 30 years. He is an adjunct professor, having instructed American History, Accounting, Business Law, English, and Written Communication instructing at Weber State University, Stevens Henager, Eagle Gate, and Broadview University (formerly Utah Career College) colleges. He has been recognized several times for high student- teacher appreciation from the schools where he instructed Lonnie made it into Who's Who in 1999. He is a Lifetime Member of the National Society of Public Accountants and of the National Association of Tax Consultants, and is an associate member of the Utah Association of CPA's.

Lonnie has authored two law texts, one on Trusts and the other, more recently, on Nevada incorporation advantages; he has co- authored, with his wife, Pamela Crockett, Emergency Preparedness Made Easy. He is also a constitutional scholar, and authored the book The United States Constitution Made Easy To Understand.

Lonnie is an accomplished skier, horseback rider and outdoors lover. He loves reading and studying History, Religion, Government and Political subjects, especially those dealing with the Constitutional aspects of government and American History While growing up in Alaska, Lonnie remembers how, during the holidays, his dad would drive around the neighborhood dragging a big rope behind the car. Kids would come out and jump on their sleds, grab the rope, and Lonnie's dad would pull them all around until it was time to go home for Thanksgiving dinner. Where Lonnie now lives, though it is generally too warm with not much snow at that time of year for this activity, it remains a Holiday tradition in his heart.