Constitutional Framework

America is unique in that the people are soverign. This means “You” are the boss. The purpose of our inspired form of government is the protection of individual rights given to us by God. This is accomplished by the balance of power the Constitution creates and our bill of rights.


What are individual rights?

It is the ability to speak and live your personal set of beliefs, both in private and in the public square, without infringing on the personal liberty of others.
Our loyalty is to the rule of law provided by our Constitution. This formula provides maximum liberty for a diverse group of people.


Federalism is the proper balance between state and federal governments. The crux of federalism lies within jurisdictions. The Constitution defines the responsibilities of the federal government. All other domains are reserved to the states. By divine design the states are intended to be firewalls against corruption and tyranny.

The Accumulation of Power

These Constitutional boundaries are being eroded. The federal government is encroaching upon the states in an unprecedented manner. We are organized to help erect walls of protection and prosperity around Utah. To correct this imbalance of power we need strong state leaders that are supported and held accountable by an active and informed citizenry.

How is this Proper Balanced Maintained?

The answer is the enumerated powers found within the Constitution. The enumerated powers are the “jobs” of the Federal Government.

The states must jealously guard the Constitutional line.

Federal Jurisdictions

  • Naturalization
  • Bankruptcy
  • Coin money
  • Conduct the census
  • Taxation
  • Post offices
  • Patents
  • Treason
  • Declare war
  • Defend the United States of America
  • Treaties
  • Appoint Federal Judges
  • Regulate interstate commerce
  • See Utah code 63C-4a-304

State Jurisdictions

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Education
  • Care of the poor
  • Manufacturing
  • Religion
  • Business enterprises
  • Agriculture
  • Land use
  • Commerce within state lines
  • ALL other powers not delegated to the federal government