Game Plan

Join your Impact Council

Utah Citizens for the Constitution is forming Impact Councils in all 75 legislative districts in the State of Utah. Each legislative district elects someone to serve in the Utah House of Representatives. The first step is to sign up to join your Impact Council. We will direct you to your council and Impact Chair based on your street address.

Learn who represents you in the Utah house and senate

After you join your Impact Council you will be sent a welcome letter that will inform you who represents you in the Utah House and Senate. You will then put your two reps as contacts in your phone. You will also need to join our Telegram Channel. The Telegram Channel is very important because this is where the talking points are listed to help you know what to communicate. You can copy and paste directly from the Telegram Channel to make it so easy to text your reps. 
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Join the Monthly Zoom Call

The Impact Councils have one zoom call a month. It is always the first Monday of the month at 9:00 pm. Our organization gathers pertinent information that is presented at the Zoom call. We also go over the current talking points. We do the work of keeping informed so you don't have to. 

Send your weekly texts or emails to your house and senate member

As many citizens do just a little bit each week the "IMPACT" will be substantial. We seek to influence public policy by focusing on the governmental framework defined by the Constitution. The states were never intended to be subordinate to the federal government. Our greatest threat to individual liberty is the blatant disregard by the federal government to stay within the specific jurisdictions they have been given by the Constitution. As power conglomerates in Washington DC our individual liberty proportionately decreases.