Kent Nelson

Kent Nelson was happily going about building his real estate business while watching from the sidelines the politics of our country. Then, with the advent of progressive policies and very little pushback, Kent determined that if our country was to remain a great nation, Kent needed to quit complaining, endure the labelling of “fringe right”, and do something. Kent entered the game and co-sponsored The Utah Citizens for the Constitution and the Constitutional Educational Foundation. Kent has served as a Utah State delegate for 4 major elections, vice chair and chairman of his local precinct.

 Kent comes from a business background...the last time he got a monthly paycheck was in 1974. He learned to run a business by the school of hard knocks i.e., set goals, make plans, execute plans with a huge amount of hard work, lose a lot and win a few. Kent has been a real estate Broker in the State of Utah for 25 years specializing in acquisition, disposition development and management of apartments properties.

 Kent currently is the CEO and managing member of Work Horse Partners LLC, an apartment development company engaged in purchasing, renovating, stabilizing, refinancing, and/or selling apartment properties. Kent is also a Managing Member of Nxt Property Management, an apartment management company that manages over 15 apartment properties consisting of 3,500 apartments.

 Kent’s professional service includes having served as a member of the Salt Lake City Planning Commission. He is currently serving as a member of the public affairs committee for the Utah Apartment Association.

 Kent’s favorite pastime is working in his shop with his grandsons.